Corina MacDonald is a PhD student in Communication Studies at Concordia University, and holds a Masters degree in Library and Information Studies from McGill University. She worked as a Heritage Information Analyst at the Canadian Heritage Information Network from 2008 to 2010 before beginning work as an independent consultant for digital cultural projects. She was Project Manager for the e-artexte repository for visual arts publishing, and with Mat3rial has worked on projects with artist-run centres, non-profit organizations and university researchers. Her professional and research interests include the role of open content, technologies and standards in community and capacity building, digital publishing and platform cooperatives.


Antonia Hernández is a graphic designer and visual artist. She holds a PhD in Communication and a MA in Media Studies. Mixing media practice and theoretical research, her interests involve the domestic side of digital platforms and interfaces. She is in charge of the graphic side of MAT3RIAL, providing public and visual output to diverse types of research.


Mél Hogan is an Assistant Professor (Environmental Media) in the Communication, Media and Film Department at the University of Calgary. Her research is on server farms and data centers – their social implications and environmental impacts. She has a background in Graphic Design (Algonquin College 2001), a Graduate Production Diploma, a Masters in Media Studies, and a Research Creation PhD in Communication Studies, all from Concordia University, in Montréal. She is a member of various archive-related research teams and publishes and presents widely at conferences in Canada, the US, and beyond. She is also the Art Director of, a queer feminist journal of arts and politics. For, she explores tools for DIY publishing and design, and is interested in developing a platform for easy web to print interoperability.


Jacqueline Wallace draws from her extensive experience in growing and managing a series of creative industry startups to bring MAT3RIAL clients effective strategy and design solutions. She is a former co-founder of Veer Inc. (, an award-winning visual media and design company, where she worked as VP, International to establish the company’s Berlin and London headquarters and a distribution channel of over 250 partners worldwide. She is also a founding partner of the cheekily named All Beef Media, a boutique social media marketing and analytics company run by four women. Wallace holds a PhD in Communication from Concordia University. Her research examined women, entrepreneurship and micro-economies of craft in the digital era. She is also one of the founding board members of the Fembot Collective, a scholarly collaboration promoting research on gender, media, and technology.